Update your Portfolio of Evidence (2020)

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The CPD portfolio website was updated to give you a better experience and to save capture time.

We included the portfolio download function and summary for your convenience.

There is now a checklist for you to refer to. *Note it is only a guide with the ideal situation and NOT cast in stone, there are lots of variables and you are, most probably, compliant anyhow. 

You can also now download or print your portfolio. 

There are some valid CPD systems, from some VA’s, which SACNASP recognize. We have added them to the system and you will be able to select the system you want to use. 

This presentation will take you through the updates and changes. I will also highlight the requirements, again, and how to optimise you portfolio.

This presentation is not linked to a category, but you can add it to category 3B. (0.1 CPD Credit)

There will be a feedback quiz at the end to generate your certificate.

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